First aid kit for primary languages

Colleagues at the Association of Language Learning (ALL ) have developed some stand alone activities for primary language classrooms.

Pupils attending our Song for Europe competition on 23 May, will have the chance to trial these during the day. On consideration the authors realized that other teachers might find these activities useful in school, especially for those times when the usual teacher is away or there is a problem that needs sorting elsewhere. So these are language activities that take little explanation, with resources and support for non-specialist teachers, some of which can be used by learners with little or no intervention.

First Aid final version SF


klara - hungary 2

New Japan teaching resource for KS1/KS2 geography

40040 Japan Teaching Resourses cover

The new pack comprises ;

A teacher’s pack ( Japan – teachers’ pack )

Where in the world ? A powerpoint presentation and overview of Japan ( Where in the world )

What can I find in this place ? A photo pack ( what can I find in this place )and powerpoint presentation ( What can I find in this place ) which focusses on life in Tokyo

Destination Ogawara – a photo pack (Destination Ogawara) and powerpoint presentation  (Destination Ogawara) which looks at life in Escomb’s partner school in Japan.

Many thanks to staff and pupils at Escomb Primary School and to Gabrielle Reddington from the Education Development Service. We look forward to receiving your feedback and hope that you find the materials useful and engaging for your pupils.



A language assistant in your school


Spanish storytelling at Clayport Library

The British Council will accept online applications from schools which wish to employ a language assistant up until 31 May 2017.

Language assistants are native speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Irish who have just arrived from a native-speaking context. Their up-to-date knowledge of their local culture makes them ideally placed to work with students on developing their conversational skills and increasing their understanding of other cultures. They can revitalise the skills of language teachers too.