New teaching resources about India



Colleagues in Gateshead Council have complemented the Brazilian geography teaching resources by producing a set of materials about India.

The new resource comprises three powerpoint presentations, a teachers’ handbook and two pupil packs. All are designed to support KS1 and KS2 geography teaching. They can be downloaded for FREE here

Teachers’ handbook  india-with-graphics

Pupil worksheets  where-in-the-world-pupil-worksheets

Photo pack  what-can-i-find-in-this-place-pupil-photos

Powerpoint to accompany photo pack  what-can-i-find-in-this-place

Powerpoint   rural-india-ppt

Powerpoint  mumbai-ppt

Many Gateshead schools have developed links with schools in India as part of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme. To learn more about the school linking opportunities, see

How does the EU work ?

So many people have revealed that they know little about the way in which each Member State has direct influence on the workings of the European Union.

The organigram below sets out to show how the President of the European Commission is appointed after ratification by Heads of Government and the European parliament and after receiving a political mandate following the European Parliament election in 2014.

The diagram shows how the UK chooses to send its Commissioner to Brussels and how the budget and other Commission proposals are scrutinized and voted on by a democratically elected Parliament; 73 of its members represent the United Kingdom.

One tier which is not evident in our chart is how Heads of Government sitting as the European Council can block, change or supplement legislation and how the UK can use its veto in certain negotiations.


European Solidarity Corps

Spotlight on


Many young Europeans are ready to volunteer or work for a good cause, in projects where their help makes a difference, and to show solidarity with those less fortunate. Finding the right opportunity can be difficult. That is why the European Solidarity Corps has been set up.

The European Solidarity Corps will provide young people with an opportunity to gain invaluable experience, develop their skills and make a contribution to society. If you’re a young person looking for a volunteering or occupational experience, or an organisation looking to attract young people to your solidarity activities, then the European Solidarity Corps may well be the answer.