Partners sought for French primary schools

Working in partnership with a partner school in a country where the target language is spoken is a great way of bringing language lessons alive. Pupils can make use of new technologies to contact their peers and learn about life in today’s France. A partner school link also provides staff with access to lots of contemporary source material and the chance to make video clips and recordings of native speakers to use in the classroom.

Our link schools are all in and around the Northern French town of Amiens and in County Durham’s partner county of the Somme. Work between schools in both counties is supported by school advisory staff and our international office. To express an interest in working with a partner school, please email For more details, see attachment below :

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Win a free trip to Strasbourg

Europe Direct is offering Sixth formers the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Strasbourg to take part in a Euroscola day at the European parliament together with 600 young people from the other 27 member states.

The competition requires entrants to write a short screenplay which explains the EU’s international aid and development role.

Winning entries will spend a day at the Tyneside Cinema’s pop up film studio turning their screenplays into short two minute films which will be shared with schools across the region. Full details are attached.Competition for Sixth formers in North East England

International Student volunteers

Durham University’s international students offer schools in County Durham the chance to support the delivery of key British values through a school visit volunteering programme which underpins teaching around mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.
Many of our pupils have little direct contact with people from other countries and cultures or whose religious views are different to their own. The Durham University led programme brings students from around the world into schools to share information about their home

For more information, see attached information sheet about how to arrange for a student to come to your school.

Scholars into Schools – flyer for schools

What makes me happy

A series of films which have been commissioned by the British Council and which pose the question ” what makes you happy ? ”

“What Makes Me Happy” is a series of short, fun films showing that even where lives are difficult children can still find happiness.

The films were produced in-country by working with the children themselves. These are their own stories about what makes them happy and we want to share them with you and as many children as possible around the world.

Each film runs approximately 12 minutes with completely diverse and original stories that are both entertaining and informative. There is no need for voice over or sub-titles as each story is easily understood by pictures alone and language is used only as representation of the culture.

The “What Makes Me Happy” project aims to inspire children around the world with happy thoughts and to share their cultures.

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