Meet your MEPs – What kind of Brexit do you want ?


Newcastle, 18 November 2016

International Centre for Life, Times Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4EP

0900 – 1030 – breakfast will be available

Meet your MEPs, take part in a Q&A session and discuss the implications of Brexit,what the UK’s priorities should be in the negotiations and what the future UK-EUrelationship should look like. Without the European Parliament’s consent on theoutcome of the Article 50 negotiations between the UK and the EU, no deal can besigned off. These free events are for you whether you are involved in business,a media professional, a first-time voter or just someone interested in politics.

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International School Award success

cleves-cross-primary-school_0559Pupils and staff from some of the 54 schools which gained the British Council’s prestigious International School Award accreditation were invited onto stage at the Tyneside Cinema to receive their award from the only Welsh woman and the youngest woman at the time ever to have climbed Everest, Tori James.

Tor captivated the audience with her stories of polar expeditions and her famous Everest ascent.

Support is available to schools in the North east region which wish to apply for the accreditation. More information about the scheme is available at


Beat the rat race


In collaboration with Europe Direct, Routes into Languages North East presents… Beat the Rat Race: Using Languages To Get Ahead.

Speakers from a wide range of professional sectors will demonstrate how language skills have benefited them in their careers in a fun and interactive way. There will also be the opportunity to learn a completely new language during taster sessions run by our very own Student Language Ambassadors. With an exciting panel of real life linguists, language taster sessions and more, this event is designed to inspire your pupils to take languages forward at GCSE and show them just where it could take them in future.

The panellists all use languages in their jobs in some way and represent a wide variety of different fields and organisations in the region and beyond. This is a unique chance to highlight the opportunities available to those with a language qualification.

The event is open to groups of up to 10 pupils per school who are in their options year (Year 8/9). The event will take place on Wednesday 14th December 2016 from 09:30 -14:30.


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Brexit and languages

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages published its document Brexit & Languages – a checklist for government negotiators and officials – on 17 October, calling on the Government to ensure Brexit negotiations protect the UK’s urgent strategic need for language skills, if the UK is to succeed as a world leader in free trade and international relations. Read the whole report here




italian-internsHi, I’m Francesca, eighteen years old, and I come from Padua, and old University City in the north-east of Italy, near Venice.  In Padua I will be attending the 5th year at Pietro Scalcerle High School, a language Institute where I study English, German and Spanish.

Padua is a very nice and friendly city, since it’s populated by many young people who go to University there. It has a very important history because of its ancient Roman origins and it’s also known thanks to Galileo Galilei, who spent some time there as a Professor at Uni.

I arrived here in Durham about one week ago, on the 28th of August and I’m currently working as an intern at Durham County Council Hall, more precisely at the International Office. Everyone here is very kind and friendly with me and Valentina, my Italian co-worker, and we are given many tasks to do such as working with the computer, doing researches, attending meetings and other more general administrative work.

Durham is very different from Padua, but both cities are nice and welcoming. Durham has a sort of mysterious aura and maybe that’s why I like it a lot: it’s surrounded by nature and, with the Castle and the majestic Cathedral, it looks like it’s controlling the entire world. Moreover, the town’s narrow streets, full of cafes and shops, together with the riverside, are a good place to relax, talk with friends, or simply enjoy the breath-taking landscape.

I think this work experience has helped me a lot, in terms of the language and the technical abilities acquired with it.

I truly hope to be back here in Durham very soon!

Bye for now,




Hello, I’m Valentina, I’m seventeen and I’m from Padua, a really nice city near Venice. In Padua I’ve attended the 4th year at Fusinato, a language High school where I study English, Spanish and Chinese, even if I don’t speak the last one very well because it’s very difficult. My city is an important historical and cultural site because of “Prato della Valle” and “Il Santo” that are always visited by many tourists.

I arrived here in Durham on the 28th of August and I work as an intern at County Hall’s International Office with Francesca and many friendly and kind people. In this office I do all the sort of things, for instance packing envelopes, making photocopies and writing e-mails and power points on the computer. Francesca and I also have to prepare a sort of short film to encourage the study of foreign languages; fundamental knowledges that everybody should have.

So far, I haven’t met a lot of people, but with my Italian friends I’ve visited the Castle and the Cathedral, two beautiful places full of history where some scenes of the Harry Potter movie were filmed.

In this city there are a lot of tea rooms, libraries and theatres where you spend your free time after work or during the weekend.

I like Durham very much because, even if it’s not a huge city, it’s very welcoming and it is amazing walking surrounded by nature.

I will be leaving on the 19th of September and by then I hope I’ll improve my language and abilities.

This has been a beautiful experience and opportunity to enter the work world and I hope to come back to Durham in the future.

See you soon,





This is a short film about the importance of languages in the workplace, hope you will enjoy it!