European Day of languages grants

We are delighte dto be abel to offer 20 grants of £75 to schools which applied for a grant to celebrate the European Day of Languages on or around 26th September. Many more schools applied than we are able to support and we wish everyone well for their celebrations.

Our office has stocks of publications and bunting as well as small items which can be used as prizes in competitions for the day. Schools should call the office and arrange to call and collect if they would like booklets, rulers, pencils, pens and bunting. 03000268503

ATLAS conference – International School partnerships and how to fund them

Our ATLAS conference take splace on 10 July for teachers and school staff in North East schools. Copie sof teh presentations given are to be found below :


Vidya –Setu

Connecting Classrooms – Durham ( NO pb )

Connecting Classrooms – Durham

Erasmus+ 10 July 2014 NE

Europe Direct

KA1 application support schools 10 July 2014 NE

KA2 application support schools 10 July 2014 N

E Presentation for conference July 2014 – Daley

Save the date ! Beat the rat race – languages and employability event

We are again working with Routes into Languages to organise an event for pupils in their options year. Those attending will meet representatives of the world of business who will explain how languages are of use to them in their job. Pupils will also meet university staff and students and have taster sessions in different languages. Application for places will be from the start of the new academic year and through the Routes website.

BTRR save the date 2014 (A4)